What are the rules that an ad must respect?

To post an an on Bazarafrique your ad must follow certain rules.

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  1. Categorization of the ad
  2. The title and description of the ad
  3. Duplicates
  4. The photos
  5. The location of the ad
  6. Forbidden products

Categorization of the ad

The ad must be placed in the category corresponding to the type of goods or the type of service offered.

Bazarafrique has all the necessary categories and subcategories to classify your goods or services.

However, if you feel that a category or subcategory is missing, you can contact our support at contact@bazarafrique.com and we will try to investigate your request.

The title and description of the ad

The content of your ad must respect the following rules:

  • Be related to the product/good/service offered.
  • Do not present an abusive use of keywords.
  • Do not include a phone number or email address (neither in the title, nor in the description, nor on a photo).
  • Do not present any sectarian, discriminatory, sexist, or related to organizations and individuals responsible for crimes against humanity.


You cannot place the same ad several times on the site. Each ad must have a unique title, description and photos.

If you need to sell the same product several times, you have to make the sales one by one, via a new ad.

The photos

The photos of your ad must be added in PNG, JPG or JPEG format, and their weight should ideally not exceed 15mo. They must illustrate your property and not be already used on another of your ads.

Photos that include the following elements are not accepted and may prevent your ad from being submitted:

  • Minor children
  • Logos only
  • Link to a website or presence of a QR code
  • Phone number or email address
  • Not related to the proposed offer
  • Pornography, nudity

The location of the ad

Your ad must be located in the city where your good/product/service is located, even if you offer nationwide delivery.

Indeed, if it is possible to post the same ad in a different country, it is however forbidden to post the same ad in 2 different cities of the same country.

Forbidden products

Some products or services are not allowed on the site (non exhaustive list):

  • Tobacco, drugs and related items, dangerous and illicit substances
  • Medicines and parapharmaceuticals
  • Combat or self-defense weapons, firearms, explosives, hunting traps
  • Adult content (pornography, nudity, etc.)
  • Certain plant and animal species that are protected, threatened or taken from their natural environment
  • Certain parts or products derived from threatened and/or protected wildlife species, such as ivory
  • Returnable goods
  • Call for private or humanitarian financial donations
  • Offers that may lead to corrupt practices
  • Wanted notice for a person
  • The majority of industrially manufactured consumer products
  • Slimming products, food supplements or presented as miraculous
  • Counterfeit product
  • Product with protected emblems
  • Product or service infringing intellectual property rights
  • Offering illegal services or jobs

If your ad has been wrongly rejected for any of these reasons, please contact our support at contact@bazarafrique.com so that we can review your request.

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