An ad seems dubious to me, what to do?

Learn how to spot the signs of a suspicious ad and how to report them on Bazarafrique.

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How to recognize a suspicious ad?

Some ads posted by people with bad intentions could be fraudulent or inappropriate. Here are some tips to recognize a suspicious ad:

  1. Prices that are too low: If a product is sold at a much lower price than the market price, it is possible that it is a fraudulent ad.
  1. Poor quality images: Fraudulent ads can often use poor quality or stolen images from other ads.
  1. Questionable terms: If the ad contains terms such as "urgent", "magic" or "miraculous", it is possible that it is a fraudulent ad.
  1. Incomplete information: If the ad does not contain enough information about the product or service being offered, it may be a fraudulent ad.

How to react to a questionable ad?

If you come across a questionable ad, please feel free to report it to the Bazarafrique moderators using the reporting options available on the mobile application. The moderators will verify the ad and take appropriate action. It is important to remain vigilant and not hesitate to report any ad that seems suspicious.

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